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Don't be left on the bus!

In March Susanne Richards planned a trip to Ireland for June. "Often I'm the oldest person on the tour and find myself staying on the bus when the rest of the group are out walking through villages or parks. This time I was determined not to be left on the bus," Susanne says.

Susanne has now been training at Fit Gym for 3 months. My diet is good, I stick to Paleo as much as possible so I was not unhealthy when I started. The changes I've seen in myself are fabulous. My training has been walking on the treadmill at 5kmh with a 2% incline, along with a range of upper body and lower body strength exercises as part of a programme prepared by Emily. The biggest surprise has been how easy I can now move! Getting up off the floor is easy and takes no effort. I am now so much more mobile and can walk long distance. I'm looking forward to my holiday, I know I won't miss out on any of the Tours."

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