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The Truth behind Common Workouts Myths Busted

It’s common to believe the calorie-shaming myths out there. ‘Crazy results’ are supported by the likes of Instagram with thousands of thumbs-up. So when you’re looking at memes for #motivation…. It’s not always easy to know; what’s the truth? Let’s take a moment to hit pause on our workouts and bust the myths. Getting into shape isn’t as painful as you might be led to believe…

1. No pain, no gain.

Choosing chocolate bars over treadmills and pulling big trucks; you aren’t going to get pounded as if it’s The Biggest Loser here.

The reality is that the ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality is best reserved for television. And as Mythbusters could easily show; There’s no need to push your workout to the point of pain.

Giving your body enough time to recover before hitting the gym is simple. Your Personal Trainer will let you know there’s a difference between a small amount of discomfort and injuries resulting from muscle tear.

Two key reasons why your past workouts might have been pain-inducing:

1. You’ve got some unidentified medical problems (passive musculoskeletal system.) This could affect joints, cartilage, ligaments when you overload weights and cause post-workout pain.

2. Very hard training sessions that go too far can make it difficult for the muscles to regenerate in time, causing micro-trauma. It’s best to get shown how to do this with a PT.

We inform our clients that it’s normal to experience some discomfort from time to time. If you have a bit of strain 24-72 hours after your workout; you can take magnesium, have a hot bath, or even eat more protein to reduce muscle fatigue.

These minor strains are associated with achieving good results and you’ll know when it’s a positive feeling.

2. Women will bulk-up from lifting weights

The movement of celebrities and regular women across Instagram flexing triceps has taken off. Many are seeing an improvement in their bone density, fitness, and self-confidence from heavyweights.

However, some women fear that bulking-up can make them look too masculine.

Bulking-up depends on the type of training that you choose.

With Crossfit women are lifting weights for 3-4 hours per week – They will add muscle bulk if performance is the no.1 thing that they are aiming for.

But when you do resistance training at Fit Gym, you don’t have that level of training, intensity, and volume to go beyond:

  • Burning more calories.

  • Shaping your body.

  • Avoiding bulk with the right dietary choices.

3. You need a pre-workout snack.

What you eat is indeed a big part of getting results.

But if it’s weight loss that you want; Personal Trainers will take you through nutritional choices that can assist you to perfect your dream lifestyle.

Eating a pre-workout snack isn’t necessary. It’s not the right way to force your body to burn fat.

Coming up to your wedding? Going on a holiday? You’ll likely want faster weight-loss during your workout. In this instance, we might recommend having an empty stomach for 3-4 hours before a client’s workout session or training before breakfast in the morning.

If it’s a strength session or fitness session? Eating a pre-workout snack may assist you to increase overall energy. Your pre-workout snack will need to be lower in fat and smaller portion size so that it’s lighter to digest.

How do I know what’s best for me?

People might be led to believe that pain is a sign of progress- But if you want to repeat your best results? Pain is for shame. We’ll make sure you hit the gym in a way that busts the myths.

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