Personal Training


Haven't been to the gym for a while? Need some tips to improve your technique? Would you like to maximise every minute spent in the gym? There are many reasons our members join Personal Training sessions. The descriptions below will help you work out which PT sessions will work for you...


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Small Group Training


Our small groups are just that. Small. With fewer than six people in each session you'll find these sessions are:


- Provide a team enviroment that's highly motivating

- Focused on overall fitness

- Personalised attention with additional support as required

- Focused on results during and between sessions

- 40 minutes of being pushed in a comfortable team environment. 

- Efficient and effective use of gym time.


One-on-one Training


These training sessions will maximise every second you spend in the gym. 


- Traning sessions focused entiredly on you and your goals.

- Gain additional access to coaching techniques.

- Push yourself with a dedicated trainer motivating you.

- Sessions planned and adapted according to your needs.

- Matching you to a qualified personal trainer.