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How to stick with your fitness!

We tend to think about our workout sessions as a set event.

But we move everyday, to not move everyday is a path to destruction.

Every 24 hour cycle is made up of a series of sequential movements. You climb out of bed to greet the day, maybe take part in structured exercise, "wake up" your digestive system with your first meal of the day, followed by activities of daily living, commuting, socializing, with duties around the home.

The reality is we all live structured lives, with routines each day, structured days that are working days and weekends that are days off.

So most people operate better placing their exercise into their structured week with set routines.

Having a goal, such as a sporting event, gives this structure greater meaning and motivation.

Our ultimate goal is to improve our physical condition, as the diagram points out, our goal is to live and thrive.


Our bodies depend on movement for survival, sometimes with explosive bursts of speed to catch a running child, moments of strength and power when lifting shopping or placing a suitcase in overhead lockers on a plane. The more activity you pack into your day the better, ie. incidental movement.

As you increase the activity in your day your physical condition improves, you start beginning to live.

Including structured exercise in your day will help shift you along the diagram, this is where you start to thrive.

Schedule structured exercise (walking, swimming, running, functional training) several times in your week for a set period of time. After several weeks/months you will become proficient in that activity to the point where you develop specific conditioning in that activity, ever notice how walking up stairs becomes easier if you're doing it regularly.

Make the most of your life and thrive, don't let inactivity hold you back. Find a goal or event that gets you socializing, while putting you in great physical condition.


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