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Get Big Arms When We're in Lockdown

We’re all in Lockdown so none of us can get to the Gym. Even though you don’t get the option to swing a weight you can still get big arms at home.

I’ve collected the best biceps exercises that use no dumbbells so you can have a good biceps pump at home until you can get back to Fit Gym.

To get big arms at home with no equipment is not easy, but it is far from impossible. Bicep moves are 'pull' type exercises so if you want to work your biceps, you have to curl the arms and pull items towards your body or pull your body towards the source of resistance. Lifting the arms alone won't work, unfortunately, and even if you do a thousand arm curls with no weights every day, you won't see much result.


Equipment needed: resistance band

Stand tall and hold one end of the resistance band in your hand and step on the other end with your feet. Make sure the band is tucked under your feet properly so it won't spring up in your face as you perform the curls.

Then, bend one arm from the elbow, pulling the resistance band as high as you can without moving your upper arm. Let the arms back down in a slow, controlled motion and return to the starting position.


Equipment needed: pull up bar

To do chin ups at home you will need a chin up bar. Make sure that you place your bar in a sturdy spot, since you'll be trusting it to hold all of your weight. If it's a free-standing rig, make sure the ground is level and the unit won't slip. If you're hanging a bar above a door frame, make sure that place in your house can handle the weight, so you don't turn into a workout fail.

To perform a chin up, grab the bar with an underhand grip (palms facing you), hands being shoulder apart. Pull up your body so your chin is over the bar then slowly return to the starting position. Be mindful of your body and especially your head so it won't bump into the bar either way.

If you aren't strong enough to do chin ups, try doing negative chin ups first: use a step ladder or a chair to lift your chin over the bar and then slowly let your body down. You can also try 'just' hanging in the bar without locking your shoulders; that builds back muscles too.


Equipment needed: kettlebell or backpack with stuff inside or a tin of paint

Kettlebell ballistic row is a dynamic exercise that works your biceps and your back muscles too. As you drop the kettlebell from one hand to the other, you also train your grip and your forearm muscles while holding the pose requires an effort from your core muscles.

Stand with your feet hip width apart. Bend over and pick the kettlebell up in one hand. Pull the kettlebell up towards your chest then lower it back down without placing it down on the floor. Then, pull the kettlebell up again and drop it from one hand to the other. Lower back down and perform a row with the other hand. Repeat.

Focus is key with this exercise as dropping the kettlebell can damage your feet and not engaging your core can result in pulling your back.


Equipment needed: suspension trainer such as TRX band

You can perform inverted rows using a suspension trainer. You might have heard of the brand TRX before, it even has a door hook so you don't have to drill to be able to use it.

Inverted rows are very similar to bent over rows, but here you use your bodyweight as resistance. Keep your body straight by engaging your core and be extra careful at the end of the exercise as you lower yourself back to the floor.Focus on the biceps as you pull your chest up and keep the motion nice and controlled all the way trough.


Equipment needed: resistance band, kettlebell or tin of paint

Upright rows are great to work out your biceps and shoulders but they must be performed correctly to avoid injury. Especially when done with barbells, pulling the bar too high can put a lot of pressure on the wrists and damage the shoulders too.

If you haven't got a barbell at hand, you can use resistance bands, a kettlebell or tin of paint instead.


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