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Building A Bigger Chest in 28 Days

There is no exercise more popular among men than building the size of their chest.

Aimless repping no longer cuts it. If you want a bigger chest you need to get scientific with your Gym time.

While most men hit the bench, and do almost nothing else, to build a bigger chest, our workout takes a smarter approach and fuses two scientifically-tested workouts to add size to you pectorals faster than ever. Alternate between our two sessions and you'll have pecs that pop in no time at all

Why You Need to Build a Bigger Chest

There's a good reason that Mondays are known as international chest day, most guys realise that defining and sculpting their chest will obviously help them look ripped. But benching has a bigger benefit than just how you look. All that pushing will help you whenever your lifting or pushing objects in your daily life, which includes everything from barbells to broken-down cars.

How to Start Building a Bigger Chest

Before you start building though, you need to lay the foundation for growth, and put simply, strength is the only true shortcut to size. Fusing old-school German volume training (a weightlifting staple) with innovative Tabata protocols will maximise the flow of blood to your muscles for hyper-efficient results.

Remember to rest for two days before taking on the Session 2.

In the second session, you'll be manipulating the fibrous tissues around your muscles, which can make or break your results. Your next Gym workout allows for greater fascial stretching before hitting the pectoralis major (for depth) and minor (width) to boost expansion in all directions.

Rest for two days before going back to Session 1.

A bigger chest is 28 days away.

Here's 2 Great Workouts to Build Your Chest

Session 1

Barbell Bench Press

Reverse Grip Push-up


Incline Press-up

Session 2

Pectoral Stretch

45-degree Incline dumbbell Chest Press

Flat Dumbbell Fly

Dumbbell Incline Fly



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