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"Am I too old to get fit?"

Here is a common question that we asking more often, not surprisingly, when we start asking what does digital currency look like! We long for a life of fitness but worry our window of potential has closed…

(Should you not be at an age that this applies, this is good to know anyway. You can pass on the good word to loved ones.)

You are NOT too old to be fit.

But first, let’s discuss why this is so important.

As we age, we’re going to experience physical entropy: some stuff is gonna break down. But by staying active, we can do all sorts of white magic on our body.

We all know exercising reduces the risk of most diseases. But it’s also important for improving brain function. Well designed fitness programs will help maintain single leg stability and power, both of which make it much less likely to slip or fall.

But what if you haven’t been able to get into a fitness routine? Does there come a point where it’s “too late?”

Listen, the sooner you can get on the exercise train the better. But research is stacking up that even older sedentary people can see dramatic changes in their health and longevity by getting into a smart exercise routine.

So no, you are not too old to be fit.

However, as we age, our recovery isn’t quite as fast as it was. Furthermore, if we’re picking up a new fitness routine after not being active in a long time — or ever — it’s all the more important to ease in and not go too hard outside the gate.

As an aside, this is why we STRONGLY prefer previously-sedentary new Members to focus more on our small group personal training. This is because we can customize the experience more in SGPTs: reduce the total volume as needed, choose the best possible exercise for the individual, keep an extra close eye on technique, etc.

A final thought: one of the amazing things about exercise is how little is required to see benefits. Going for a brisk walk every day won’t turn you into an Olympian; but it WILL facilitate all kinds of positive benefits.

So if you’re not ready to dive into formal exercise, that’s totally ok. But if you’re currently not doing anything at all, simply adding in 20-30 minutes of walking will be a great addition to your life.

And if and when you’re looking to up the ante and get even better results?

Well, I know a team of friendly fitness people who can help. :-)


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