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Finding it hard to Stay Motivated - 4 Tips

How do I get (or stay) motivated?

The stories people often tell themselves are:

  • I just can't get myself to work out at home.

  • I'm good all day long with my eating, but then at night I self-medicate with snacks and alcohol.

  • I start working out, but after I miss a day, I feel like I've blown it and can't seem to get re-started.

If any of these challenges resonate, here's a few things to consider that could be helpful.

1. Make Your Goals SMALLER

Remember the goal isn't perfection, it's progress.

Don't worry about doing a full workout. Just commit to something small to start building a routine of movement. It could be a walk or just a single set of push-ups. Then... keep your routine going and build it up over time!

(Same thing with nutrition. Don't worry about eating perfectly at night, just make slightly better snack decisions.)

2. Identify Your Personal Values

Human brains like to be consistent. If you acknowledge a personal value as really, truly important to you, you'll want to honour that value. And by linking health and fitness to your personal values, you'll get more focus that can inspire you to get off the couch.

Working out because "you know you should" may not be enough to get you motivated.

But working out as an expression of your commitment to your family may do the trick.

3. Make a List of All the Benefits of Working Out

Here's another exercise: take out a sheet of paper and make a list of every single benefit of achieving fitness success. Literally list every benefit.

Some will be noble or worthy (helping you see your full potential!). Some will be totally-valid-but-not-quite-as-noble (to fit into "those" jeans in the back of the wardrobe!). No need to judge the benefits. Just get them all on paper and get them top of mind. Then reference your list on the days you're not feeling it.

NOTE: You can also use the reverse of this exercise and make a list of all the COSTS of not getting on top of your exercise or nutrition habits. But I'd encourage you to use this only to jog your brain and to not spend time obsessing about what you DON'T want. Ultimately, we want to use this list to add more benefits that you're inspired to move towards.

(For many people, identifying what you DON'T want is often an easier way to start. Just make sure you eventually change to what you DO want. :-)

4. Get Accountability

As humans we love social support. If there's one thing we've learned over the years at Fit Gym, it's that most people struggle to create change on their own.

Part of the reason many of us get stuck is because we're trying to battle through without any support.

If you're struggling to get going, consider joining a community and/ or hiring a Coach.

Making a social commitment can be a powerful way to create some useful pressure to push through your own negative self talk. This can also include sharing your goals with supportive family and friends.

This is why we're so keen on Fit @ Home & Personal Coaching at the Gym. The changes people can make are inspirational.

Without doubt, there ARE people who can do their own thing.

If you're happy with your fitness and you know you're being consistent doing your own thing, that is great. Keep doing it!

But if you're NOT happy with your fitness...

If you can't seem to get yourself motivated...

If every day starts with great intentions and ends with a beer or wine and chips...

You may have to try something DIFFERENT if you really want to get different results.

And having a schedule, a community, a coach, and a PLAN may be the difference!

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