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Jessica's Motivation is Amazing!

An amazing effort by Jessica to lose 10kgs in the first 4 weeks since joining the Club in July. Exercise, determination and a simple diet has got her there.

At 23 Jessica has two young kids, had put on a lot of weight and knew it was time to do something about it. Jessica has the advantage of not being a sweet person, so chocolates and a lot of sugars were already not in her diet.

"I joined with my Sister but was so nervous when I first went to the Gym I nearly cried. I went on my own on , I didn't really know what to do but the Trainer helped ease my nerves. Being a small Club helped me feel at ease and they didn't push me too hard early."

"The changes to my diet weren't radical. I had cut out soft drinks five months earlier. Also started eating soups for lunch, sometimes dinner. I love pasta but have now swapped that for Zucchini noodles."

"Last Summer I wore pants or leggings all season, I was over it and wanted to wear shorts this Summer. But I couldn't wait, I wore shorts to a BBQ a couple of weeks ago on a nice day."

The changes and happiness for Jessica is coming from all directions. "I'm sleeping so much better, no tossing and turning. My Chiropractor has even shown me how the extra strength is helping with my posture. Initially I did push ups on the half ball as I could not get down onto the ground, now I'm up to 6 regular push ups. I couldn't see my ankles, they started to appear, as you can see, in the photos and my stomach is flatter. Taking progress photos, in the same clothes, has helped boost my confidence."

"You have to push yourself, be comfortable getting sore. Set a goal. Mine is I want to be happy with how I look at my engagement party next year. The photos I saw of myself when out , "Yuck why do I look like that." I had no confidence. I didn't want to go anywhere. I want to be able to wear shorts or a dress during summer. I want to be able to be on the beach with my kids."

I'm the only person who can change myself. It's good having my Sister exercising with me, she pushes me when I'm flat.

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