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A Great Motivator

You may have seen Mick in the Club? He is there 4-5 times a week and has been for years. His commitment to his exercise is fabulous, he is a great motivator. Did you say you haven't met him but you would like to? Great he's there from 4.15am most mornings. Let me know what day you'll be there so I can get Mick to call you if you're running late.

Mick works for himself, working long hours. His motivation is his heath, he has felt his body slow down as he ages so doesn't want it to get he better of him. He use to run garbage in 'the good ol' days' when the bins were not on wheels and needed to be carried to the truck, followed by running to the next house. ( As did I, and we worked out I was probably on his truck at some stage.)

After Mick stopped running garbage he started spending a lot of his day in the truck. This is when he started to lose fitness. Mick turned 52 last month but has got back 80% of that fitness, including losing over 20 kilograms. Now feeling so much better, along with the results he has the motivation and is enjoying being at the Gym at 4.15am.

Go on....get there at 4.15am once, and say hi to Mick.

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