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Fit and 40: "Unsexy" Training Methods are the Fountain of Youth

Did you know that we have the potential to lose 2 kgs. of lean mass per decade starting at age 25? That means that by the time that we are 65 we could potentially lose 10 kgs. of lean mass. It's certainly common to lose significant muscle from age 40.

Did you also know that we have the potential to experience a 2-4% decline in our Resting Metabolic Rate per decade starting at age 25? (RMR is the energy or calories required to sustain the body's vital functions at rest.)

HOWEVER, did you know that "unsexy" training methods - such as regular strength training; activities like kettlebell training and other types of interval training; and a healthy diet filled with nutrient dense, unprocessed foods - can prevent this from happening?

Why are lifting weights, kettlebell swings, and eating real, nutrient dense unprocessed foods considered "unsexy" training methods? Because most people don't realize that sexy results year after year can be had just by following this simple plan.

Most people think that they need to follow some "sexy" fitness and diet trend like juice cleanses, to achieve their sexiest body ever; something that tells them that they will drop 2 kgs. in a week (only to gain it back in the same amount of time) and give them "long, lean, sculpted, toned, muscles" or make them "skinny ripped."

People tend to resort to the "sexy" fitness and diet trends because they promise quick results that not only go against the science of strength training and nutrition but also are not sustainable. The "unsexy" takes some effort and planning; it's so much easier to take a diet pill, make a shake, or follow a juice cleanse (even if it doesn't work in the long run!) instead prepare a healthy meal with real foods and follow a regular exercise routine that includes strength training and some high intensity interval conditioning. People say they "don't have time," and don't want to put forth the effort.

Not only were you born with one body (and one body only) to live this life in so you should seriously consider making the time and putting forth the effort, BUT also the truth is, it's the simple "unsexy" training methods that produce those oh-so-sexy results at ANY age.

Beyond 40 you can keep improving your health and you can do it better and stronger every single subsequent year.

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