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Roll Out Soreness

Are you sitting or slumping in a chair now whilst reading this? Do you have a sore back or neck?

Sitting incorrectly whilst on the computer, watching TV or being on our phones for excessive periods can all lead to dull pains or niggles here and there.

Our daily activities greatly affect our body and while it might just be a bit tender or sore now, it can lead to more serious issues down the track if not addressed. Moving around and staying active is a great way to keep the aches and pains away but when you've had them for a while, sometimes you might need to give them a little extra attention. This is where stretching and foam rolling can have a major role in aiding you into moving easier and reaching new levels of strength and fitness.

Foam rollers are those long, blue foam things you've probably seen at the Club in the stretching area. They're used to massage oneself and to help release trigger points (trigger points are those certain points on your muscles that fee like a knot and are particularly tender and tight).

When you foam roll, try and find the trigger point and rest on them for 20-30 seconds. Most common areas are the side of your thighs (ITB band), your upper butt (glutes) and side of your back (latisimus dorsi). Focus on areas that are tight for you but makes sure to only roll muscle and not bone or joints.

By combining foam rolling with stretching you'll feel less tight and sore, help prevent injury and increase flexibility.

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