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Keep the balance in your day!

There is a lot of commentary lately about the trend towards standing desks. Many will consider this as simply a fad, particularly the gimmick of treadmill desks. Fad or not there is a lot to be gained by moving during the day. Correct balanced movement is the benefit of a healthy lifestyle.

I can say after several hours of standing your glutes or 'butt' and thighs feel like they've had a session of burpees. The reason is the lack of strength in this part of the body after years of sitting at a desk for most of a working day.

I'm sure you would agree that lying down and sitting require none to minimal balance. However, once you are standing that's when you really start to use your bodies balancing system. To be sedentary is to rest your body, switching off your muscles. The glutealy group of muscles are some of the most vital we need to stable movement, they should be the most powerful muscles we possess. To walk, run, jump, lift a child off the ground depend on the strength of our glutes. The more time you spend sitting the more wasted these muscles become, they simply 'switch off'.

A strong healthy person in a side on view will always have the butt bump, a rounded solid bump from the lower back to the tops of the thighs. This bump is the result of conditioned gluteal muscles, not to be confused with a bump due to body fat that is not as well defined. The good bump means you are in a good state for good stability, balance and movement. Good balance and movement will help you live a longer life. So stand at that desk for more hours than you sit!

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