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Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, It's a Stampede!

This month some of the guys and girls at our Mt Evelyn Club took part in the 10km Multi Obstacle Stampede Challenge. How did they do?

Fantastically of course! On a Saturday morning just as the sun was starting to come up our Fit! Gym warriors are warriorettes, led by our fearsome trainer Britt, took on the Stampede Challenge. This fearless group climbed ropes like tarzan, waded through ice like polar bears, got shocked by voltage wires, like I don't know what! and generally had an amazing time. Covered from head to toe in mud they made it triumphantly though all the challenges. Smiles intact, morale high and clothes and shoes slightly worse for wear.

Well done to all of you. Awesome effort!!

stampede 4.jpeg
stampede 3.jpeg
Stampede 2.jpeg

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