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We Did it! - The Melbourne Marathon

This year a team of girls and guys from Fit Gym Mt Evelyn decided to enter the Melbourne Marathon. How did they all do....?

They were AMAZING!

Some of the team committed to running the half marathon, whilst others, the full marathon. Yep, thats either 21 or 42kms people!

So, armed with a plan that our amazing trainers put together and a 12 week schedule, our group of new and inexperienced runners, turned up, put in, trained hard and most

Di Liv Abby melb marathon.jpeg

importantly had fun. As part of their training for the event, nice and early every Saturday morning, rain, hail or shine, they would all get together and run around the Valley. Even Tristan Miller (our fave multiple marathon runner) came along and joined us for one of our training runs, just for that extra bit of inspiration and to give us an idea of what to expect on the day.

And what a day we had! Very, very early on Sunday Oct 12 we all met in the city, strategies were locked in and everyone anxiously waited for their run to begin, in what turned out to be an amazing experience for all involved. Everyone of our team completed their event! The

britt and girls melb marathon.jpeg

months of training, the sore muscles, the doubt, the guidance from our fabulous trainer Steve, it all paid off. Our group of fitness enthusiasts were now officially runners! And they have the nice shiney medals and huge big smiles to prove it! Seriously team - Well done! An outstanding effort and a fabulous achievement.

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