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How old is your body?

Fit! Gym is now offering Bio Age testing at all of our clubs, and this month, when you Buy one, you get one FREE!

Yep, normally $30 each, but now you can split the cost with a friend* or family member*! And we are sure it will be the best $15 that either of you have ever spent!

So if you've ever wondered just how old your body really is and what you can do to about changing it, now is the time to find out! Bio Age testing (using a series of metabolic, physical and behavioural evaluations) allows us to provide you with the most accurate assessment of your bodies age. Once the test in complete we use the information to provide you with a truly in depth training programme to enable positive changes and get you HEALTHIER and YOUNGER!

So why not make this simple investment in your health, call one of our team and book an appointment today? * The 2nd Bio Age Test can be purchased/used by a friend or family member who is not a current member of the club. However, the initial purchase has to be made by a current gym member.

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