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What is the best Posture?

In an ever-more sedentary society, many of us spend a lot of time hunched over computers. And when not on the computer, we’re hunched over our smartphones. This isn’t the best recipe for good posture.

So how do we break out of this rut? And just what IS the best posture?

While this could be a big rabbit hole, here’s a guiding principle:

The best posture is the one that keeps moving.

In a given day, the more opportunities you can find to stay active –– and avoid extended periods of sitting with no movement –– the better you’ll feel.

This can be approached a few different ways.

One of the many reasons I endorse proper hydration is getting up to pee is a good cue to get up from your desk. Outside of answering nature’s call, certain smartwatches now have notifications that can alert you when it’s time to get up from the desk. Alternatively, you can play with setting an alarm on your phone as a periodic reminder.

In addition to periodically getting up and moving around a bit every hour or so, consider adding in brief 10-minute walks every couple of hours, or perhaps a longer one after lunch. These “exercise” snacks can provide a lot of bang for your health and fitness buck.

You can also put some focus into your work environment itself. Adjustable standing desks can be a great pick-up because they allow you to alternate between periods of sitting and standing. You can now find some well priced one's on Ebay.

And if you REALLY want the gold star of posture? Spend more time on the floor.

While this may not be practical during your work day, spending time in different postures on the floor can be magic for supporting your hip mobility.

If you like to unwind at the end of the day by watching some TV, this could be a great opportunity to further diversify your posture portfolio. After work or of an evening, try watching a show on the floor and during (or between shows if you're binging on Netflix) commercials stretch.

As always, the best strategies are the ones that will work for your life. Based on your personal situation, some of the above suggestions may be more or less feasible.

Don’t worry about doing everything or trying to be precisely optimal.

Remember, the goal isn’t “perfection.” The goal is “better!”


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