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Finding your mojo again

I don’t know about you, but getting high after exercise is great! One of our Members feels like she’s wearing a halo above her head for the rest of the day.

It’s all about getting high and feeling great.

But on the back of Lockdown, maybe you found a new love in Netflix.

As you probably already know, exercise releases endorphins. Sure, it can be uncomfortable going all out on a set of Kettlebell swings while you think you’ve reached your limit. But after we finish our workout, we get a sweet, sweet high.

And on balance, this is actually a good thing. Some people never come to love the physical discomfort of training hard. And it can be hard to relate your training session to the long-term benefits of fitness. But we all can enjoy the feeling of having achieved.

Getting back into exercise will be a new routine for some. Finding that high will then be even more exciting.

4 ways to start finding your high

Redesign your new love

Initially aim to get the body moving. You don’t need to be an SAS soldier pushing yourself till you drop. Getting outdoors, maybe start with a shorter workout. Allow yourself to work towards set days and more sweat. Moving more than you did yesterday will feel great!

Pick a skill

High repetition cardio can be dull at the best of times. So keep it short. Instead start to build your fitness knowledge. Focus on your technique in swinging a kettlebell, doing a dead lift, whatever it is just nail it! Give yourself four weeks to get it right. Feel that high then move onto your next move!

Go Past the Present

The sooner we forget the Lockdowns the better! Let’s get life to where we want it to be for Christmas or those holidays. Find the high in exercise but the bigger picture is the achievement. Your body will get stronger, more flexible and you’ll know it.

Phone a Friend

Do you know what’s better than getting high alone?? Getting high with friends!

Doing fitness with other people invariably allows you to go harder because you can “draft” off each other in a group setting. It also builds in accountability, and frankly, makes it more enjoyable.

Enjoy your fitness


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