Local,  affordable 24/7 fitness!


Our team of Fitness Directors and Personal Trainers make our clubs special. We all like nothing more than working with you, inspiring you, educating you and sometimes (gently) pushing you towards your goals. As trainers we know that our sucess is dependent on the success of our members, and that's motivitating. 


Within the club you'll find we have the latest training methods, knowledgeable and attentive staff and a clean and comfortable environment for your workout.  We have everything you need for a first-class fitness experience and the results that follow.


Fit!Gym is more than meets the eye! What you see, and experience, in the Club is only half the story! At Fit!Gym we offer a broad range of activities and events beyond the gym. Inlcuding;


  • Supermarket Tours

  • Visiting Motivational speakers

  • Targetted Training programmes,

  • Weekend Retreats

  • Fun-run groups

  • Challenges eg Tuff Bloke.