This is my favourite place to matter what mood i am in i can always count on the amazing trainers to make me feel better about myself!!! The other members are incredible too you can definitely count on making friends out of our gym!
Terri Moore reviewed 
Fit Gym Mt Evelyn 
— 5 star

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Fit! Gym Mt.Evelyn

5 Station Street

Mount Evelyn. 

Tel 9736 2222


I like the fact that you can go anytime and it's quite cheap. Happy with the atmosphere when I am there, everyone just does their own thing. Lovely staff too.
Tanya Kraus recommends 
Fit Gym Mt Evelyn
What a place to train!! The team at Fit Gym have exceeded my expectation! Highly recommend joining!!

Cam Prosser  recommends 

Fit Gym Mt Evelyn