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A Thank you & A Farewell

This year the team at Mt Evelyn will say a sad goodbye to a lovely family, the Hatfields, who have been training with us at our Mt Evelyn Club for a long time. Whilst we are sorry to see them go, they are heading off to make some exiting changes in their lives. We were really pleased and touched to receive this note from them:

After many years of fun and fitness with Fit Gym it is time for the Hatfield's to say goodbye. Our time with Fit! Gym all began with my wife Sue, who had been doing Clinical Pilates under the guidance of a physio to recover


from injury. She had come a long way with pilates but had stalemated in her progression,

so she enquired into a membership at the gym.

The team at Fit! Gym have been fantastic for Sue. Their ability to design a program to suit individual requirements with experience and expertise have resulted in Sue being able to run and enjoy fitness again.

Soon after Sue joined, my son Mitchell and I also joined the gym making it a family interest! Mitch and Sue became gym buddies, motivating each other to go out on those cosy winter nights and keep the fitness going, whilst I love being an early bird and pushing out gym sessions before work. Occasionally on weekends we'd all throw on the gym gear and pump out a gym session together! Mitchell and I decided to take part in the Treetop Challenge organised by the gym earlier this year and had an awesome time!

A big thank you to the team at Fit! Gym for your advice and expertise. Keep up the good work!

Cheers Lindsey, Sue and Mitch

It's been our pleasure helping this family on their fitness journey and we wish them all the very best. We hope that their future is full of fun, adventure and of course, fitness!

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