Steve has always loved fitness and believes that becoming a Personal Trainer is one of the best things he has have ever done. “Being able to help people become fitter and stronger is the best part of my job, and there is no better reward then seeing people achieve their goals whatever they might be”.


A training session with Steve is not measured by one single element but made up of lots of different aspects. This whole body approach to fitness will have you enjoying every training session. 


Britt has always had a passion for sports and fitness, so it really was a natural progression to harness that enthusiasm and passion and turn it into a career by becoming a Personal Trainer.


If you have a training session with Britt you will soon find out that she loves incorporating a fun element into all her sessions. Don't be fooled though, whilst they might be fun, they are still always designed to give you a great workout! Britt is incredibly motivated in helping people identify their goals and loves working with them to get the desired results! 


Lin has been working in the fitness industry for over 4 years.  She specialises in the challenge of  large weight loss, better quality of life and fitness goals for seniors.


As a busy mum of two,  she understand the challenges and the importance of not only looking after yourself but also having the energy to look after your family. 


Ana has been fitness professional for over 16 years. She is passionate about health and fitness and about helping her clients achieve their goals.


Ana is a Metabolic Precision Trainer. Metabolic Precision is a science-based, research-proven approach to exercise and nutrition which covers every aspect essential to a successful body transformation. Its integrated approach creates a process that constructs the right metabolic environment required for dramatic, permanent changes in health, performance and body shape.