You've got the goal...we've got the plan!

If this is you, then head into then Join Now to get started. Membership options start from $12.95 per week for Juniors and Seniors or from $15.95 per week for those 18+. Options with no minimum term mean you can cancel anytime! 


Fit! Gym is special because we provide an Initial Consultation with a Personal Trainer when you start, as well there are no hidden fees!  No direct debit fee, admin fee or for consultations with a Personal Trainer. If you need a Personal Exercise programme, measurements or want to chat about your progress, simply book a time with our Trainers.

We'll work with you from Day 1!

Setting a goal, writing a plan and creating a program.   You'll also notice that we offer a broad range of activities and events beyond the Club. Including;


  • Supermarket Tours

  • Visiting Motivational speakers

  • Targetted Training programmes

  • Weekend Retreats

  • Fun-run groups

  • Challenges eg Tuff Bloke.

"I don't have a goal?"

Our Getting Started Handbook is a terrific place to begin. It helps to identify your goals and what influences your health and fitness.


Download a FREE copy here


Before you even step foot in the Club the handbook is a great resource. You'll find lots of good advice and information to set you on the right path. In the Club, our qualified personal trainers will take you step-by-step through the handbook, and answer any questions you have.  Together you'll create a plan that includes a personalised training progream.


Some examples of goals achieved at the Club:-


  •  Complete a fun-run

  •  Drop a clothing size (or two)

  •  Getting into shape for a wedding

  •  Getting Strong for your sport

  •  Take 5 years off your body's age (BioAge)

  •  Get control of Type 2 Diabetes