8 Week Body Transformation Challenge

Mon February 3-Sat March 29, 2020
"I'm ready to get Fit!  Call me to answer my questions and discuss booking a spot."

Our Body Transformation Challenge is different!

It's not about starving you through strict diets, or making you exercise until you cry for help. We're about eating real food for a real life. We don't push protein powders, supplements or other products we're trying to sell.

Each year we get great results, helping people understand what's needed to manage their weight and overall fitness long term.

It's open to everyone, Members and Non Members. So do it with a friend for added support.

The Programme includes:
✅ Custom Meal Plan
✅ Personalised Exercise Plan
✅ Unlimited Small Group P.T Session (OVER 12 a week)
✅ Body Composition Scan beginning and ending of your 8 weeks, to really see whats going on.
✅ FB Exclusive Group for Accountability & Motivation
✅ Support and Inspiration from a diverse range of Fit! Gym Staff with combined 2 decades experience within the fitness industry.