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Thurs Jan 2 - Sat Jan 4


We'll contact you shortly from 9736 2222 to book a time to visit the Club.  Or call us to get your Trial started. 


We'll help you get ready to start improving your health straight away.

Fit! Gym Mt.Evelyn

5 Station Street

Mount Evelyn. 

Tel 9736 2222

Email mtevelyn@fitgym.com.au

"I started at Fit Gym after a few years of not doing much. To put on weight for rugby and fix some persistent injuries. As a result of the program and encouragement I’ve received over the last 6 months I've seen great improvement. I almost a new man!"


“Being a Mum I was feeling intimated about joining a Gym, I was so nervous when I first went I nearly cried.

Being a small Club helped me feel at ease and they didn’t push me too hard early.

I lost 10kgs in the first four weeks!”


"I’ve lost 6 kilos but the biggest change has been the change of shape, my tuck shop arms have disappeared.  Having toned up I now have the confidence to wear shorts. Confidence is important for girls.

My husband loves it!”


"My diet is good, I stick to Paleo as much as possible so I was not unhealthy when I started. The biggest surprise has been how easy I can now move, getting up off the floor is easy and takes no effort."


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Cropped Jessica Landells
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