Why not test drive the Club?


Regardless of your fitness level our Club and Trainers are right for you.  


We're different to other Gyms because we work with you to improve your health and fitness.

During your 7 day trial:

  • You’ll get 24/7 access to the gym

  • We’ll make sure you get started correctly and you're not just wandering around the Gym

  • You'll get a consultation with a Personal Trainer who will find out your goals, any injuries we have to work with and write you a Personalized Exercise Program


Plus we’ll throw in 2 Small Group PT Sessions in case you want extra support and motivation.

You can find out our Membership Prices by clicking here.

Normal value $85.


So fill in the form below, or drop in during staffed hours and we'll get you started.


"I started at Fit Gym after a few years of not doing much. To put on weight for rugby and fix some persistent injuries. As a result of the program and encouragement I’ve received over the last 6 months I've seen great improvement. I almost a new man!"


“Being a Mum I was feeling intimated about joining a Gym, I was so nervous when I first went I nearly cried.

Being a small Club helped me feel at ease and they didn’t push me too hard early.

I lost 10kgs in the first four weeks!”


"I’ve lost 6 kilos and my tuck shop arms have disappeared.  I now have the confidence to wear shorts. Confidence is important for girls.

My husband loves it!”


"My diet is good, so I was not unhealthy when I started. The biggest surprise has been how easy I can now move, getting up off the floor is easy and takes no effort."


Cropped Jonty Smith
Cropped Jessica Landells
Tanya Jordan1
Cropped Susanne Richards